How to be LGBTQ+ Inclusive in the Wedding Industry

For the Vendors // It isn't just enough to say your business is inclusive to all people, you need to build trust and show that you mean it. So, we've put together a few tips on how to start getting being more LGBTQ+ inclusive in the wedding industry.

4 Different Approaches to the 'Changing Your Last Name' Tradition.

When it comes to same-sex couples, sometimes following traditional rules gets a little tricky. So, here's 4 different approaches for same-sex couples to work out the tradition of changing your last name after marriage.

6 Ways To Walk Down The Aisle.

Some wedding traditions don't always translate directly when planning a same-sex wedding. The 'walking down the aisle' part is one of them. So, the make your wedding planning a little less stressful, we've mapped out 6 alternative ways to get you and your bride to the altar.

A Forever Gift with Stephanie Bowers Photography

Boudoir photography isn’t just about some sexy photographs for your lover. It's an experience, for all women, an opportunity to connect with your personal sexuality.

How Many Guests?

Ready to write your guest list but have no idea, how many wedding guests you should invite? We let you know the details of all wedding sizes from large to an intimate elopement.

The Ring Box - A Perfect Heirloom.

You go to so much effort to organise the perfect engagement ring for your loved one, why wouldn’t you match it with a handmade heirloom you will be just as proud to pass on

The Wedding Singer

Planning a wedding and can't decide between a live musician or recorded music? Let Melbourne wedding singer, Maria Pellicano, explain to you why nothing compares to live music at a wedding. 

Dancing With Her