Jennifer & Whitney

Jennifer & Whitney followed their love through medical school and married in September 2016 in Colorado.

Megan & Jahna

After a first date just 24 hours after they first me, equestrian professional, Megan and paramedic, Jahna made their love official just a few month ago. They share with us, their engagement and wedding planning journey.

Charlotte & Sammy

Charlotte and Sammy share with us their perfect wedding. One that honoured their relationship and happened in their own backyard - that they'd build together!

Samukezi & Malerato

South African women, Samukezi and Malerato, each thought they'd planned the perfect proposal, little did they both know, they'd chosen the same night to pop the question!

Chloe & Holly

Sometime love is found in unexpected circumstances. Chloe and Holly fell in love off the back of a deep and meaningful friendship They wed in Stoke-On-Trent just months ago

Madison & Erin

Erin and Madison, two women with a tremendous amount of love for one another, share their story of love and engagement with Dancing With Her.