Cecilie & Nanna

It was not love at first sight for Cecilie and Nanna, but it didn’t take long for the two women from Copenhagen to fall in love.

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The two met at a lesbian party in the meatpacking district of Copenhagen. A few drinks had been had, and it was getting late into the night. Nanna had seen Cecilie and thought she’d pull her aside and give her a compliment, Cecilie smiled and walked away.

A week later, Nanna found Cecilie on the event Facebook page, they emailed each other while Cecilie travelled to Colombia and the United States, sometimes ten times a day. Upon her return to Denmark, they became inseparable.

Cecilie knew she wanted to propose to Nanna – but didn’t know how or when. She purchased the perfect ring with her Dad in the February, and waited for a time the felt “right”. In March, the pair visited a beautiful lake called Buresø, a place they visited often together.

“I suggested to Nanna that we should go for a swim! She thought I was crazy and not being serious. There had been ice on the lake that morning - so the water was pretty cold. I was pretty nervous, I had to jump into freezing water and propose to Nanna… I drank a beer and gathered some courage - and before we jumped into the water I asked her to marry me, and to seal the deal by jumping in the water with me… She said yes…! We took each others hands and jumped in together” – Cecilie

There engagement was around a year and a half – and plenty changed for the couple in that time.


Nanna fell pregnant a couple of months before the wedding. Through low stimulation IVF and against all the odds, the pair fell pregnant on their first attempt. It meant that a lot of the wedding planning was interrupted with baby planning.

Nanna had a dress designed for herself, and thought, the week before the wedding, that it might need to be adjusted- four days before the wedding Nanna tried on the dress and unfortunately didn’t like it at all. A crisis followed as Nanna called herself into work sick and took her mother out to find something new. Two hours later, she walked out with the perfect dress.  

Choosing to marry in the meatpacking district where it all began, Cecilie and Nanna chose the church for their ceremony and a reception venue that is normally used as a shared office space. This meant that there was plenty of planning and styling work that went into turning a raw venue into something romantic.

Mood boards were made, and a whole lot of cheesecloth was purchased, and with the help of some very good friends, the venue was transformed the night before the wedding.

Spending the night before the wedding apart, Cecilie and Nanna first saw each other as Nanna walked down the aisle towards Cecilie – A moment that Cecilie will never forget.

“I felt so lucky, so full of love” – Cecilie.

Marriage to them both is something that makes them stronger, solidifies that they are travelling through life as a team.

“It is a big decision and there are many considerations behind this promise. I only intend to say yes to Cecilie. This is my life partner and I’m looking forward to spending my life with and start a family with.”

The pair took off to Spain for their honeymoon, but before the holiday they booked a hotel in Denmark for two nights – something they’d recommend to others who planned on jetting off straight after the wedding. It gave the couple time to just lay in bed and relax with one another, and look over the pictures and messages from their loved ones.


Cecilie walked down the aisle with her Dad to J.S. Bach – Air

Nanna walked down the aisle with her Mum to Wagner – Here Comes the Bride

Together they left the church to Mendelssohn’s – Wedding March

They danced the bridal waltz to Niels W. Gade – Brudevalsen

And to kick off the party they danced to September – Earth, Wind and Fire


Photography by Zarko Ivetic 

Location: SOHO

Table settings: A Table Story

Florist: Fiol Blomster

Catering: Madkastellet

Cecilie’s Dress: Karim Design

Nanna’s Dress: Bride Fashion


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