A Mexican Elopement

We met in 2014, amidst the chaos that is Mexico City, by some incredible stroke of luck…or maybe fate.

lesbian wedding nix cartel

I was there for a conference and checked into an Airbnb in one of the hipster pockets. My host invited her colleagues over for a party the next night, where I met and was completely captivated by her boss. I decided to stay in the city – abandoning plans to see the rest of the country – and we fell head over heels for each other over hose two weeks before I headed back to Melbourne.

We committed to a relationship, and then a couple of months later (about half way through out 6-month stint of long-distance). I surprised her with a stopover Mexico City en route to New York. We sent an amazing, spontaneous fortnight living semi-normally and seeing some of those sights I’d ditched when we met, and it confirmed all the feelings we’d shared in our whirlwind romance up to that point.

She booked her flights and moved to Melbourne soon after, and despite immigration and other life stresses, it’s been a blissful coexistence ever since.

lesbian wedding magazine

We eloped on a whim in Mexico (where same-sex marriage is rightfully legal) last year with just a best friend as a witness. It was simple, understated and so unromantic that it was perfect.

Neither of us were hell-bent on getting married, but there is something wonderful about solidifying a commitment like that.

Love is grand.


Photography by Nix Cartel