Robbie & Tegan

Words by Tegan.

It’s funny when I look at things now, there are actually three big occasions in my life where I’ll put on a wedding dress and veil…

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The first, the night we met…it was a Sydney Women’s Baseball league ‘Vegas’ themed fancy dress party. I frocked up in an 80’s inspired (think Cyndi Lauper!) trashy tulle wedding dress and Robbie…always the life of the party, was dressed as a Playboy bunny…waistcoat, bow tie, tail and all.

I had been around the league for a few years but really hadn’t ever noticed Robbie, until that night. It only took a few conversations with mutual friends to find out who she was and funnily enough, I only spoke two words to her that night, as she was leaving, sources say, my parting words were… "nice tail”

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The next day I got her number, and over the next couple of weeks we went out on a few dates. We were both as nervous as each other each time, but somehow calm in one another’s presence.

Far from conventional, our love story isn’t something that anyone expected – Robbie and I come from two completely different worlds…she’s a carpenter by trade, avid sports player and a super vivacious people person, aka social butterfly! Me on the other hand, I’m certainly the more reserved and quiet type…a florist and event stylist by trade and someone who can’t throw a ball to save my life. As clique as it is...we are the opposites who just attracted.

She is absolutely my soul mate, my rock, my confidant and my best friend…she’s helped me start our business, supported me through trying times and I honestly can say my life is better with her in it and that I don’t know what I would do without her support and love.

The second night I put on a wedding dress…was the night I proposed. We run a wedding and events business called ‘My Little Peony’, a vintage caravan bar, and so I thought what better way to show our support for the LGBTQI community than to put a team together (#teampeony) and march in the Sydney Mardi Gras parade…it would be a great promotional opportunity for the business…and little did anyone else know… a great cover story for my planned proposal.

So after months of preparing and planning, the night of Mardi Gras 2016 finally rolled around. I myself had never marched in a parade (Robbie was an old hand at it) and we now had 40 + of our closest family and friends marching behind our rainbow styled caravan bar to promote our ‘Cheers to love’ float…and I had an engagement ring in my pocket.

I hadn’t told anyone I was planning to propose…although in my mind it was something from the moment Robbie and I meet, I knew I would eventually do. I had hired a photographer Kate to capture some shots of our team and the caravan bar on the night and when she arrived I also let her in on the proposal secret

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There was one other special friend who I told on the night, Robbie’s pseudo-Mum, Jackie (Robbie’s mum has unfortunately passed so wasn’t there with us). Jackie has been a great support to Robbie over many years and someone she’s so close with, that she calls her Mum. To me, it seemed only fitting that she would hold the engagement ring until I was ready to ask the question.

Being in the parade itself was high energy and a real buzz, so much so I almost forgot why I’d planned the entire night! We were fast approaching the end of the parade route and I asked Jackie ‘how much further have we got left to march?’…she looked at me and said, ‘if you are going to do it, it better be now’…

Jackie gave me the ring and then went to the front of our team, grabbing Robbie and dragging her back (dancing all the way) to where I was…she thought we were going to take some more photos…instead, in the middle of the street, in the middle of the parade…with thousands of people there to witness, I asked her if she’d spend the rest of her life by my side…the answer was undoubtedly (and thankfully!) a YES!

And lastly the third time I’ll put on a wedding dress, the day we actually say ‘I do’…

We had wanted to wait for same-sex marriage to be legalised in Australia so we could celebrate in our home town of Sydney with all of our family and friends, but, then we were also super keen to be committed to one another and start a family. So not knowing how long it may take to Australian Government to legalise same sex marriage we’ve instead opted for a super small and intimate celebration in Queenstown, New Zealand, which will be next March. Think of it like a bigger elopement, 25 people, relaxed and with those that mean the world to us and have supported our love each and every day.

I know the wedding day will be just one small part of our story together but it’s something that means so much to both of us. Working in the wedding industry we see 2-3 weddings a week, each unique, heartfelt and emotional…a real celebration of our couples and their love. And, it’s now something that we too are looking forward to sharing together.

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Photography by Love Stories by Kate

My Little Peony is Robbie and Tegan's florist and event hire business based in Sydney.

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