Samukezi & Malerato

Engagement, South Africa.


Engagements can be planned meticulously or happen just on a whim. Samukezi, had been planning her proposal to partner, Melerato for months. After deciding that Melerato’s 31st birthday would be the perfect day, Samukezi put all the plans into motion, including the perfect ring.

At dinner, surrounded by family and friends, Samukezi said some prepared words. Expressing her love and devotion to Melerato, Samukezi got down on one knee and asked Mererato to spend the rest of their life together, as wives. Overwhelmingly, the proposal was accepted.

However, Melerato too had chosen her own birthday dinner as the perfect opportunity to ask Samukezi to be her wife. As dessert was served, the waiter placed a cloche down in front of Samukezi. Before she had an opportunity to realise what was coming, Melerato got down on one knee, as asked for Samukezi’s hand in marriage.

For both women, the night was something totally unexpected, but magical and perfect. And an example of just how in tune couples can be!

Both Melerato and Samukezi are now planning their own wedding together.